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​Realize your Vision.

Jaclise is an international consulting firm specialized in strategies for family offices and family businesses.

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We Believe

Global Family Enterprise Strategy Charts Innovative Pathways to Leadership and Success for the Family.

We Believe

What is a chief family strategist?

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Global Family Enterprise Strategies

Family Business Strategy

Entrepreneurial Strategy

Wealth Transfer Strategy

Philanthropic Strategy

Ownership Strategy

Family Office Strategy

​Family Branding Strategy

​Governance Toolkit & Succession Planning

Tax, Legal & Regulatory Strategy

​Fine Art Advisory

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Success Stories

Serial Entrepreneurs 

A successful entrepreneur sold his business for more than $300mm. While this individual continues to control four additional operating businesses, he has also teamed with Pennington Partners to serve as the extension of his family office. With his own dedicated CFO and two support personnel, the entrepreneur and his team recognized that they would benefit from an aligned partnership with Pennington Partners in which we would be able to advise on both current and future operating businesses integrating our Operating Partner Family’s vision into a customized investment, succession and overall family office strategy to maximize the business mission and philanthropic impact that the entrepreneur envisions. Pennington Partners is focused on freeing up the individual's time to enable him to maximize his fullest potential.

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