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Why Jaclise?

We are dedicated to charting unique pathways to innovative leadership and authentic success for the family.

The strategy of the family enterprise may differ markedly from the family’s business strategy.  

We focus on the myriad components of a family’s strategic plan for success, which includes the family business but also takes into account multiple additional pillars supporting the long-term viability of the family.

Success Stories

International Entrepreneurial Family

A highly placed international family requested a top-down assessment and optimization of its multiple executive offices located in the United States and abroad.  Marc Halsema and Ken Eyler devoted several months to conduct due diligence interviews of family members and family office executives in multiple locations around the world and to produce a detailed assessment and strategic recommendations to augment and improve the operations of the family's multiple executive offices.  In addition to the family office assessment and optimization engagement, Marc and Ken conducted in-depth interviews with fifteen comparable international families to provide a comprehensive benchmarking study focused on ten key business metrics: Operations, Personnel, Technology, Cyber Security, Fraud Awareness, Disaster Readiness, Family and Corporate Governance, International Tax and Regulatory Risk, Lifestyle Maintenance and Investment Processes. 

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