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Our Family Enterprise Strategies

The ultimate success of a family enterprise depends on a confluence of inter-dependent strategies. While each family may be inherently complicated and unique, family enterprise will ultimately grow and thrive – or wither and die – over the course of generations.  


Those families that achieve long-term success master a strategic plan.


Family Business 

Developing and implementing a family business strategy has its unique set of challenges and opportunities. A thoughtful family business strategy hinges on curating a rigorous and disciplined approach to how the business will function in the present as well as in the future. 

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​Family Branding & Entrepreneurialism 

A multi-dimensional and multi-faceted entrepreneurial strategy builds on the competitive distinctiveness and market advantage that encompasses a range of activities in which individuals or families may engage, not only to sustain a competitive advantage but also to establish an enduring family brand.

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Wealth Transfer & Asset Protection

A well-considered wealth transfer strategy focuses on coordinated design and implementation of sophisticated strategies to ensure that an estate is structured to carry out stated goals, minimize exposure to wealth transfer taxes and preserve and protect family assets.

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Philanthropy & Charity

A family philanthropy and charitable strategy aims to strike a balance between preserving family wealth for succeeding generations while acting proactively on a family’s dedication to shared industry and accountability.

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​Governance & Leadership

Curating a strategic vision for the family and implementing related family governance and oversight are critical to achieving a family’s desired legacy Key additional considerations may include developing a family charter, governance committees and written policies and procedures.

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Technology & Disaster Mitigation

The right technology for the family will aid decision-making, enhance efficiency, speed the flow of information and operations across borders, and ultimately allow the family to leapfrog past comparable single family offices. Identifying, implementing and maintaining a synchronized disaster mitigation architecture stands in tandem to identifying the right technology.

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Legacy & Succession

Defining the desired legacy of the family and how that should best be achieved with a primary focus on family vision, values, aspirations, role of multiple and varied businesses and family governance. Legacy planning should also include succession planning, family education and communication as well as strategic operational planning.

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​Tax, Legal & Regulatory Risk

Institutionalizing a rigorous program to protect the family from tax, legal and regulatory risk by coalescing a strong network of reliable and experienced lawyers, tax advisors and compliance professionals.  

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Investment Processes

Investment processes consider the approach and process in the management of the family’s investment portfolio. Our approach does not focus on evaluating the risks and opportunities of individual investments.

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Family Office

A single family office not only institutionalizes the approach for an individual or family to manage its wealth and accomplish its broader vision with privacy and greater clarity, but also acts as an inter-generational touchstone for the family’s collective values, aspirations, heritage and legacy.

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